From Venice

In the most antique library of the town, above an authentic gondola, inside a Bible rests a letter that tells the repentance story of Nicola and his profound love for her. As many others that have failed, some have found the courage as Nicola to recognize their mistakes, many others led by pride destined to lose love.


“ I know that sometimes I misbehave and I can imagine what you think about me, but is not like that. You say it is because I don’t love you and it would be normal after so many broken promises for you to decide not to love me anymore.

But I think that one can find out about many things in the most difficult times, and that is what has happened to me, yesterday precisely when I was disrespecting you the most by not paying attention to you and taking a lot of time to come back…

I have realized how much I love you, and it also seems unreal how much I enjoyed hurting you.

Perhaps there’s a time were people find out about things and it happened to me yesterday.

I don’t want to keep messing up our relationship with my indifference because now it bothers me too. I’m really sorry not only about last night but about all the times and I promise you (and I’m writing it so you’ll have proof) that it will never happen again, and not because I won’t have the desire to come late because of my foolishness but because I don’t want you to change your idea about me and lose your love.

I promise you with all my heart. I love you (and respect you)


From Venice I ask myself where this letter was written.  When did it took place? Did Nicola live up to his word?  And if they are still together. From Venice I make up stories behind this letter. From Venice I salute the love that conquers all. From Venice with this letter in my hand and a wedding being celebrated behind me I promise to return, if this isn’t the city of love at least I say is the city of forgiveness.


I don’t know for a fact what happened, I just know that when I found this letter a feeling of hope invade me, there is love that can break the barrier of time and space.


To Nicola´s loved one and to him, thank you to give me back with this letter the hope in love. Perhaps I could write a couple of letters to leave behind in books, perhaps someone like me could find in other time mi words and  feel the profound love that I felt when I read every sincere letter that Nicola wrote.



Venice march 7th 2017

Laura Barrera Iglio

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