Goodbye. Capri


I said good bye to him, at that sea I promise to forget him.

It was our last trip together, I still remember his smile and mine when looked at me; I also remember my silent tears at the same time he took this picture, I believe it was in that moment when I knew it was all over, I couldn’t keep waiting for his love.

I gave him all my heart and my laugh, without knowing it was a mistake to give it all, instead of sharing it all;  what a wise man he was, he kept his love and mine, his smile, my tears and the photos of a story, that to my it has been life.

When we said good bye he gave me this picture, a kiss and he left.

Today I’m not broken, I appreciate the moments and above all the learning, I will never again give to someone else the love that I don’t have.

To my great love and his great smile.

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