Letters of joy

I’ve fallen in love like never before without noticing.

I fell in love with the nostalgia; I have become yearn; I´ve been happy inside the sadness.

Because since you are gone, all my dreams lead to him and you, like a road that splits in half and forces me to choose, my past my great love or the future next to you. Will I be capable of loving you as I loved him?

This bittersweet habit that in my past was an obsession, today I live it calm and steady, I swear to you I have become friends with the pain. You taking my hand break all of the routine, I can’t go back.

– I been imagining for a while me being happy, happy for real, happy with you, which in reality I haven’t been able to be-

Because I dreamed of you coming, if it wasn’t him, to rescue me…

Don’t ask me to forget  my great love, I can’t reap it from me, is among other things my inspiration; but yes, I have dreamed too with sad eyes, love without goodbyes and never-ending loughs, I have dreamed so much about you that I can’t believe is real.

It would be unfair to forget him; I owe so much to him and our story. How do you erase the best years of my life? What should I do with the letters I wrote? Where would the memories  or the hope of him coming back will go?

Its been so many years since I love him without measure, I don’t know how to be without him, but if he comes back I could live with him either, to miss is my most beautiful habit.Know you are here, the time has brought you.

I know that I want you in my life joy, as much as I want him. And if you make me choose I will choose you this time, I only ask you to let me admire him from afar. I promise to love you endless.

-Even though it was him who taught me how to write (feel) –


Laura Barrera Iglio

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