With my eyes slightly open because of the sun I see my father.  I run towards him and he disappears, I fall defeated; the hot sand from the desert nails to my knees, these time I can’t no more.

Between the crying and the thirst I see one of the pyramids, I get up in a hop because I have finally found them, as majestic as I imagined. I walk fast to touch them but the move away, how is this possible?  Are they becoming smaller? Or my eyes deceive me? I can’t tell between real and fantasy.

I star to see parts of my life, people with unfinished stories or perhaps the unfinished one is me. I practice dialogues in my mind and talk to myself to distract me , I´m getting to know me.

In every step I found answers, or I should say strength to keep going. Sitting in that desert, so far away of what I thought to be my world, I have discovered that sand stars to feel regular after a while, that mirages give the illusion needed to not falter and that extreme heat or cold become part of the landscape.

I have traveled to Egypt without ever setting foot in it, his inclement and orange sun has taken me to my father after 3 years of separation and 2 months form his dead. The size of my beloved pyramids  and the  strength of the stone had made me feel so small that today I’m bigger. I have seen so many things that I have seen myself.


Egypt keeps a new mirage this time it has my name.


Laura Barrera Iglio

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