One lie after another one


Look at my face and tell me how many times should I forgive you? One lie after another one, all promises are broken.


I have tried to get away from you so many times, I have tried to escape the pain.. The wrath, how much accumulate anger against you, against her, against the world. I justified your acts each time you came back, anything but leaving you; it even was me some times looking after you.


I believed you so many times, I was tired, with no dreams and full of doubts, you didn’t think that I meant it that last time, it was my last effort, and you failed, of course you did. How could you try harder if you had me right there ready to forgive you?


Everything has changed, I said goodbye to you with the strength I haven’t felt before, a combination between pain and relief, I said goodbye with tears in my eyes.


I want to be alone, a fresh start with my own, to free myself from the pain, to learn how to love myself so I can love again. I want to be alone because I want to be with me, to enjoy even the grey days.


– I want to be alone because I want to promise myself a love with no lies-


Laura Barrera Iglio

Ilustrated by: Oriana Vélez

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