To prevent and fight

For the ones who faught and lost,  those who are still fighting and to those who have lost part of their feminism. To the brave ones who achieve to overcome to be the voice and example of strength: Thank you.

They have fought without losing north and force, have fallen and have risen again, they are vulnerable but proud of being women, mothers and daughters. They have taught us that courage is giving the best of yourself till your last second, and that, even if your light goes out you will still be shinning in the memory because you never gave up.
Admire, applaud and walk with them, make them feel like women although they loose their breasts, make them feel safe although they tremble with fear, make them feel confident even thought the future is uncertain.
We owe them that much that we need to take care, touch, look ourselves and must prevent the battle in honor of them. We need to love ourselves without buts, and put desire to life because they have taught us that everything can be gone but never the  optimism.
Their lives fill us with life, their deaths fill us with pride.
Laura Barrera Iglio

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