Vertigo at Cap de Creus

Sometimes we go to places for the last time, and here I am in front of the precipice, admiring the immensity of the nothing before me, a force that lures  and pushes me.

I feel the wind and I want to jump, to surrender myself to the sublime landscape, to stop feeling fear and to become it.

Memories and people come to my mind, victories and failures, like if after being here my life would end, or  at least a part of it, like if  I’m really  never coming back ever. And my feet float when I imagine you next to me.

I’m saying good bye to the landscape and to you, the vertigo of wanting to fall down or to keep going up, I say good bye to that thing that I was when I was without me.


-You’ll be stay in my memory and stories, in the letter that you don’t read and other people read for you, only you are staying, because I have fallen-


Laura Barrera Iglio

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