So much fear in every corner, in every night, in so many eyes. And we will defeat the fear, the corners, the evil, and whatever it comes.

To be a woman its so many things that they will never understand.

We are life, love, passion, effort, we are complicated, vulnerable, neurotics and jealous, among all we are strength. But this are only words, to be a woman is also a feeling and a flag, is something wonderful and ineffable.

We give so much that we even give life, we fight to think first in us because our nature takes us always to think about  others, we love so much that it hurts and we are capable to endure any pain  as long as we  get to keep loving.

We are diverse , you will never find two women alike, we are the antonym of “basics” and we defend our gender because our voice is pure feeling, united, we are all in one, wanting to be valued and honored because we deserve it.



… and if they do not understand, at least that they respect us, and do not misunderstand me,  there are  only a pair of souls with so many deficiencies that they can’t be called men, those who abuse of us with no compassion.



But the world should know that a woman is not a rose, is complete garden of roses, where if you touch one the rest of the thorns can reach you and make you pay. No need of brute force to condemn.


Alive, beautiful, real, so much that for every woman  dying there’s a new one being born inside of us.


Laura Barrera Iglio

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