A few ideas of the person behind the letters.

A journalist by profession, editor of vocation. I read books from my seven years.


There is no better way to meet a person than reading it. Here I want to give the two perspectives of each subject, to discover how much we love and/or how much we hate things in our personal history, laugh, cry but above all do not be superficial because I’m tired of hearing about the same issues every day in each place.

I want to talk about feelings, traumas, books, songs, places and so many things that fill us but little is mentioned. I will share own stories, invented, modified, stories they tell me, stories that I see, stories that happen to you and maybe you don’t want to mentioned. Inspiration comes without warning, you decide, let it in or not.


“Never a single feeling towards somethings, never keep the first idea, to go further, that’s what is all about”